• Is the toothbrush waterproof?

    Our toothbrushes are made highly water-resistant using two methods. First, we use our patented heat-pressing method to increase the carbonization and caramelization of the bamboo surface, creating a smooth finished surface. As a result, you may notice that there is some residual yellowing of the water surrounding the toothbrush if it is left to soak. This is due to the natural color of the...
  • How do I recycle the toothbrush?

    You can use the brushes to clean hard to reach surfaces long after they’ve done their part to keep your mouth clean. After you’re fully used the toothbrush, the bristles should be separated from the body of the brush using pliers. The bamboo body can be composted or recycled while the bristles can be thrown away in the trash. We’re currently looking into better...
  • What are the bristles made out of?

    Our soft, tapered bristles are made out of PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate), a synthetic polymer. While most brushes in the US are made out of nylon, a different type of synthetic polymer, we chose PBT for its soft properties that can produce tapered bristles that are nicer to your enamel and gums.
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