"Why Juni?" from our Chief Product Officer Kathy Ku

More recently, people have been asking me "why Juni?". I've always been a product person. The product that John, Rebecca and I all worked together on were ceramic water filters in Uganda. But even beyond that, I've always liked tangible goods that I can make and feel with my own hands, particularly those that can have a positive impact. Sometimes, I'll look at products and wonder why they are made the way they are, thinking about if there's a different or better alternative.

I’m not a great environmentalist. I eat way more meat than I should and I subside on boba and yogurt drinks (probably why I need to brush my teeth so often). I try to draw the line at bottled water, but the thing is I still wish I was a better person. Perhaps the one good thing about COVID has been that it has significantly reduced my carbon footprint for this year since I don’t travel (sorry mom and dad). And Juni makes this easy. I can at least be consistent about one thing: I start off the morning by using a bamboo toothbrush. Not only that, between its grip, mouthfeel and sleek finish, the design makes the experience worthwhile too. 

Me working hard at our factory!


I’m really proud of our juni brushes. For our starter kit, we wanted to continue the tradition of keeping our commitment to the earth while also making it the best possible product. For our packaging, we’re using kraft and earth pact paper. For our toothpaste, we’re using aluminum tubes with a wringer to help squeeze all the paste out.

We are so excited for this journey and can't wait for you to join us.


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