• 10 things you can totally reuse

    10 things you can totally reuse
    Disposable UtensilsMany items that are billed as single-use products can, in fact, be used again and again. Such is the case with disposable utensils. When hosting a backyard bbqor big get-together, encourage your guests to place their plastic forks, spoons, and knives off to the side rather than tossing them in the trash. Then, just give them a good wash in sudsy water and...
  • She tried to go waste free for a year...here's what happened.

    It was Christmas 2018 when I realized I couldn’t carry on the way I was living. My anxiety was through the roof, I couldn’t read the news ― from the microplastics found in our food and water to the fact that there’s predicted to be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2025― without feeling my stomach drop to my feet. I felt ashamed. I...
  • Six biggest environmental myths

    Six biggest environmental myths
    Buying Local Food Helps the Environment: False Contrary to the claims of the environmental left, buying local food dramatically increases environmental harm. At the University of Washington tomorrow, the Earth Day presentation will feature a speaker promoting “transformation” of the food system to support “small-scale organic farmers.” Organic farming is fine, but it is primarily a luxury for the wealthy and widespread use would...
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