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Your satisfaction is super important to us, and we want to make sure that we are providing you with the best possible experience with our products. Due to the nature of our goods, products that are received within our 30-day return policy will be properly disposed of at our facilities. To return, simply click here and enter your information. It will then generate a shipping label for you to send your items back to us! Once we’ve received the return, we’ll refund your order.

At Juni, our first and foremost commitment is to maximize our environmental impact. In addition to incorporating environmental sustainability into our product design and manufacturing process, we are also taking the following actions:

  • Packaging - We try to minimize dead space in packaging, but when it is unavoidable, we use recycled kraft paper as the filler. In addition, the individual packaging for our products are made using AstroPak or recycled kraft paper.
  • Shipping - we offset carbon emissions that are generated from packaging and shipping (calculated with the help of ShipBob and Pachama) by investing in conservation projects created to protect temperate forests in northeastern United States from timber or land use development.
  • 1% for the Planet - We donate 1% of your purchase towards environmental causes.

Moso bamboo, the type of bamboo that our products are made out of, are known for their ability to grow quickly, up to a meter a day. And with the toughness of the wood, moso bamboo is not eaten by panda bears, so you don't have to worry about taking food from them.

Even with the heat-treated bamboo, our bamboo products are biodegradable in nature. Our products have been shown to degrade and decompose in anywhere between a few months to a few years, as opposed to plastic which can take up to 500 years.

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In proud partnership with 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of your purchase towards environmental causes.

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